LABO Nutrition NeuroREGAIN - Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN for Brain Deterioration, Memory, Alertness, Learning, Concentration – Suitable for Seniors - Lifestream Group US
LABO NeuroREGAIN - New Hope for Dementia Memory Loss Mental Clarity & Improve Brain Health - Lifestream Group US
LABO NeuroREGAIN - New Hope for Dementia Memory Loss Mental Clarity & Improve Brain Health - Lifestream Group US
LABO NeuroREGAIN - New Hope for Dementia Memory Loss Mental Clarity & Improve Brain Health - Lifestream Group US
LABO NeuroREGAIN - New Hope for Dementia Memory Loss Mental Clarity & Improve Brain Health - Lifestream Group US
LABO NeuroREGAIN - New Hope for Dementia Memory Loss Mental Clarity & Improve Brain Health - Lifestream Group US
LABO NeuroREGAIN - New Hope for Dementia Memory Loss Mental Clarity & Improve Brain Health - Lifestream Group US

LABO NeuroREGAIN - New Hope for Dementia Memory Loss Mental Clarity & Improve Brain Health

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  • LABO NeuroREGAIN is a natural formula made with Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN extracted from scallop, and is naturally bound with DHA to effectively support brain function. Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN is the only natural ingredient validated by clinical trials for its effectiveness on brain degeneration problems. NeuroREGAIN is a safe dietary supplement with 92% pure plasmalogen and without chemical modification. It is not a drug and no prescription is required.
  • REPLENISH INSUFFICIENT PLASMALOGEN IN THE BODY. Plasmalogen is a type of phospholipids found most abundantly in the brain. Research showed that the decline of plasmalogen affects brain performance, especially in plasmalogen-deficient seniors. Hence, plasmalogen restoration therapy via NeuroREGAIN supplementation is of the utmost importance to help regain healthy cognitive function.
  • SUPPORT OPTIMAL BRAIN HEALTH VIA VARIOUS PATHWAYS. Plasmalogen is research proven to support restoration & improvement of brain health via different means: √ Support neuroregenesis (growth of new brain cells) √ Protect against brain cell death √ Protect brain cells from oxidative stress √ Suppress neuroinflammation & accumulation of amyloid β proteins which can damage brain cells √ Support learning, memory, concentration & other cognitive functions.
  • CLINICALLY VALIDATED ON PATIENTS WITH BRAIN DETERIORATION. The discovery of Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN shines a glimmer of hope for patients with brain health degeneration. Intensive clinical studies confirmed positive results of improvement in cognitive functions (memory, time orientation, place orientation etc.), behavioural symptoms (sleep disorder), facial and emotional response (more sensitive & responsive to their surroundings).

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These specific clinical trials (human studies) are conducted with NeuroREGAIN. As such, these clinical trials video footages are not applicable for any other scallop-derived plasmalogen supplements.

Beware of other plasmalogen supplements that repost these videos from LABO Nutrition and claim identical effectiveness.

NeuroREGAIN is the ONLY scallop-derived plasmalogen formula in the market with this specific mix of

1. 92% purity scallop-derived plasmalogens

2. Patented extraction technology

3. Divided dosage (2 capsules)

Plasmalogens are a type of phospholipid present in almost all human tissues, most abundantly in the brain. It declines after age 30 and research indicated that this decline affects memory, focus & brain performance. Scallop is a better source of plasmalogen for use by humans as its structure is closest to plasmalogens found in the human body thus far. Other plasmalogen sources include krill oil, cow & chicken breast and shark liver oil.


Extracted from Hokkaido Scallops

Scallop is the Ideal Source of Plasmalogen

Plasmalogen from scallop is found to have better and quicker effects than chicken-derived plasmalogens in the improvement of cognitive function.

NeuroREGAIN is a high potency brain health formula containing scallop-derived plasmalogens extracted using a unique patented extraction technology developed by a research team led by Emeritus Professor, Takehiko Fujino of Kyushu University in Japan.

With clinically proven brain health benefits, NeuroREGAIN is natural, highly safe, pure, free of heavy metals and preservatives. It is not a drug with no prescription required.

Subject became more expressive and responsive after taking scallop-derived plasmalogens (NeuroREGAIN) for 2 weeks.

Mr Tom Yip (75 years old) with brain health problem. His condition showed no progress after taking prescribed drugs. He also tried taking coconut oil in which he observed improvement initially, but the condition later worsened.

He tried scallop-derived plasmalogens while continuing his medication and coconut oil. After just 1 month, we see great improvement in his cognitive function. Tom’s wife also noticed that he does not wake up during the wee hours of the morning as frequently as before.

From this, we can conclude that scallop-derived plasmalogen dietary supplementation will not interfere with existing medications and other supplements.

Madam Seki (83 years old) has poor memory and degenerating brain function. Initially, she has little facial expression and could not hold a conversation. However, after taking scallop-derived plasmalogens for just 1 week, her family members are amazed to see that she looked more expressive, just like how she was before her diagnosis. Neighbors also observed that she looked more cheerful.

Mr Lai (86 years old) needed a caregiver because he has difficulty controlling his shaky hands and cannot feed himself.He started taking scallop-derived plasmalogens in September 2016, 1 veggie cap in the morning and 1 in the evening. By December 2016, he is able to feed himself.He is delighted to resume some of his favorite past times activities like playing mahjong and occasional horse-betting. Mr Lai’s improvement was so great that even his doctor was amazed.

My 46 year old husband has had memory problems since his early 40s. He was always unfocused in his daily activity and cannot remember if he has even eaten. It was not like this in his younger days. As he struggled with poor memory, he became very frustrated and depressed; it also affected his work performance. Besides having to deal with forgetfulness, Jack also suffered from sleep problem as he could not calm his mind in the nights.

I was very worried that his condition was deteriorating and felt helpless. A friend introduced us to NeuroREGAIN, hoping it would help Jack. After taking 1 capsule daily for 1 month, Jack’s memory has improved. He is more aware of his surroundings and his mind is clearer too. Jack’s memory, temperament and sleep quality has gotten better with NeuroREGAIN.

When I first purchased NeuroREGAIN 6 months ago, my 90 year old father with brain health problem. In the time after, his condition did not change and even seemed to worsen.

But only 2 weeks ago, I started noticing an improvement. My father used to stay silent the whole day, but he is now talking more, even though not every word is clearly articulated. He also looks for the bathroom and refuses to pee into the portable urinal he used to use. My father also asks to take a walk instead of using the wheelchair like before.

It is very hard to explain, but we see him “re-learning” his life and also “reconnect” to his old memories. We don’t know if there will be further improvement, but we only wish for him to have a good and peaceful life. We are very happy with his progress and hope that our father’s story can help and encourage those suffering from brain health problem and their family members.