Relieve Neck Pain Naturally: Correcting Forward Head Posture

Have you ever found yourself leaning forward while working on your computer or browsing your phone for hours on end? If so, you may have developed a forward head posture, which can lead to a host of problems for your neck and spine.

How does forward head posture affect the neck?

An adult's head usually weighs around 12 pounds. However, when you lean your head forward, the weight of your head increases, putting additional pressure on your neck and spine. For every inch your head leans forward, an additional 10 pounds is added to the weight of your head, which can cause compression on the cervical vertebrae. This is why prolonged screen time can result in chronic pain and stiff neck.

What are the consequences of forward head posture?

Over time, forward head posture can lead to cervical spondylosis, the degeneration of the bones and disks in the neck. Additionally, it can cause referred pain, including tingling or numbness in the hands, weakness of the grip strength, and pain in the arms, and shoulders.

Why aren’t your neck stretches working?

You may have tried stretching your neck to relieve the pain, but have you considered that your stretching technique may actually be exacerbating the problem? Tilted head stretches, where you tilt your head backward, can cause further damage to your neck and spine since the nerves that come out behind the vertebrae are compressed as the head is tilted backward, causing inflammation and pain. Instead, opt for chin tucks that can strengthen the muscles in your neck and upper back, helping to improve posture and reduce pain.

How can you target the root cause of neck pain?

In addition to chin tucks, you can consider taking curcumin and Boswellia supplements to target the root cause of neck pain. These natural supplements are research-proven to reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness.

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