Menopause Relief and Health Benefits: A Safer Alternative with Placenta Therapy

Hot flashes, troubled sleeping, depression, weight gain and slowed metabolism…. These, or a combination of these, are the common symptoms when a woman is experiencing another stage of life – the menopausal transition.

Menopause is a natural and inevitable process of aging for women. It occurs when a woman stops her monthly period for 12 months, due to declining hormones level including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. And she could have various symptoms as a consequence of this, whether it is mild or severe.

To boost the hormone levels and relieve some of the menopausal symptoms, some women will seek hormone therapy, a medication that contains female hormones that can replace the declined hormones level in a woman’s body.

However, this treatment is not totally risk-free. According to Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study (one of the largest studies on hormone therapy), the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and urinary incontinence has risen when postmenopausal women take hormone therapy.

So, do we have a safer alternative for hormone therapy? The answer is yes! You may look for a placental therapy that is free of hormones.

Here’s placenta therapy at a glance, including how it can help women in menopause, and what are its other benefits of it.


What is placenta therapy? How does it work?

Placenta extract includes plenty of proteins, hormones, growth factors, vitamins, and other components which are contributed to its potent healing properties. On top of improving physical energy and vitality, it can help reduce menopause symptoms and premenstrual irregularity, along with improving the quality of sleep, reducing incidences of insomnia, and healthy sleep cycle.

Placenta extract also has been used to promote recovery from diseases and tissue regeneration, attributed to its antioxidant, health improvement, pain reduction, and hair growth promotion properties in vivo since the early 1900s. It is proven to be the revitalization of the body’s immune system and defense mechanisms to combat aging.


Not all placenta product is effective.

Placenta extract seems to be a perfect choice. It can accelerate the regeneration of tissues and suppression of disease, thereby activating whole body function and promoting the recovery of diseases. Nonetheless, not all placenta extracts work.

There are two key factors that influence the effectiveness of the placenta extract:

1. The source

2. The extraction process

With all kinds of placenta available in the market, including porcine, horse, sheep, and plant, it is vital to choose the best source of the placenta. According to research, the placenta from porcine is very similar to the human placenta. What’s more, it contains equal or higher nutritive properties.

On top of relieving menopause symptoms and hormone balance, some studies manifest that porcine placental extract can bring down postmenopausal climacteric symptoms, along with knee pain, fine wrinkles below the eye, and protect against skin photoaging.

Apart from the source, the extraction process also plays a vital too. As mentioned earlier, a placenta extract contains various components, such as bioactive peptides, enzymes, growth factors, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. While the extraction process largely determines the amount and purity of bioactive compounds, freeze-thaw and acid hydrolysis, the two general extraction processes, can affect the efficacy of placental extracts. Freeze-thaw process results in the extraction of small amounts of bioactive compounds; while the acid used in the acid hydrolysis process can result in degradation of extracted bioactive compounds.

A safer method for the extraction process is using a proprietary cold press, multi-enzymatic and nanofiltration technology that retains more than 99% of bioactive compounds in an intact form, which gives the purest placenta extract. These unrivaled Bioactive Placenta Peptides are uniquely high in bioactive content, and pure and completely free of hormones, impurities, chemical additives, synthetic coloring and flavorings.


You may like to consider:

LABO Nutrition Le Ageless Cell Essentials

Le Ageless Cell Essentials is a potent cellular rejuvenating nutrition for renewed youth and vitality. It contains superior and pure Bioactive Placenta Peptides that can stimulate the brain, and the pituitary gland to naturally produce your own hormones. It helps improve both physical and psychological mild symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, shoulder stiffness, and joint pain.

Le Ageless is also suitable for those under constant fatigue and stress. Apart from reduce anxiety and irritability, it helps improve mood and promote energy, vigor, and stamina hence reducing lethargy and fatigue.

On top of that, Le Ageless is enhanced with premium German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast, which enable the body quickly repair and rejuvenate aging and damaged tissues; restoring youth and vitality inside and out.

Approved by Japan Health Food Association, Le Ageless is a safer and more potent option than other placenta supplement sourced from other animal species as it is 100% porcine placenta stringently sourced from high quality and hygiene management farms in Japan. Porcine placenta extracts obtained for Le Ageless are highly ethical as no animals are harmed or killed to collect the placenta. Therefore, it does not compromise the well-being of animals.

This remarkable all-natural innovation adopts a proprietary cold process, multi-enzymatic degradation technology to retain up to 99% of active compounds, without altering its biological content whilst eliminating all impurities. It does not contain hormones, chemical additives, or impurities.