LABO Nutrition Super OPCS – Premium French Maritime Pine Bark Extract – for Healthy Circulation, Radiant Skin, Immunity, Heart Health, Antioxidant - Lifestream Group US
LABO Nutrition SUPER OPCs—French Grape Seed Extract—Immune Antioxidant Bright Skin - Lifestream Group US
LABO Nutrition SUPER OPCs—French Grape Seed Extract—Immune Antioxidant Bright Skin - Lifestream Group US
LABO Nutrition SUPER OPCs—French Grape Seed Extract—Immune Antioxidant Bright Skin - Lifestream Group US
LABO Nutrition SUPER OPCs—French Grape Seed Extract—Immune Antioxidant Bright Skin - Lifestream Group US
LABO Nutrition SUPER OPCs—French Grape Seed Extract—Immune Antioxidant Bright Skin - Lifestream Group US

LABO Nutrition SUPER OPCs—French Grape Seed Extract—Immune Antioxidant Bright Skin

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  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES: It is the best defence against cellular damage, the precursor of premature ageing and chronic health problems.Promotes cardiovascular health. Supports healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity. Promote joints healths. Supports healthy blood vessels. Improves skin complexion and cell renewal. Support healthy immune system. Support night vision and visual acuity. Potent free radical scavenger.
  • FORMULATED WITH 150 MG OF AUTHENTIC FRENCH OPCS (Oligomeric Proanthocynidins), it is a proprietary blend of French Maritime Pine Bark, French Grape Seed and French Red Wine Extracts; harvested from the unspoiled Les Landes de Gascogne forest and reputed vineyards in southwest France. Its potency enhanced with Bilberry Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids Extract and Vitamin C, SUPER OPC delivers a broad spectrum of anti free radical protection and exceptional nutritional benefits to the body.
  • UNIQUE ISOTONIC DELIVERY SYSTEM enables it to be absorbed into the body within 5 minutes of consumption and hence can be utilised by the body almost instantly; unlike tablet-type anti free radical supplement that requires around 40 minutes to 4 hours to be absorbed.
  • TESTED & CERTIFIED WITH HIGH ANTIOXIDANTS PROTECTION: Penetrates and protects live cells against oxidative damage at cellular level as confirmed by CAP-e test. It can inhibit more than 50% oxidative damage.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: 1) Varicose vein and leg swellings due to weaken veins and poor blood circulation. 2) Poor skin complexion and dull skin tone. 2) Poor eye and joint health. 3) Poor heart health concern or unhealthy blood lipid profile. 4) Unhealthy blood pressure. 5) Poor immunity and respiratory concerns. It is in powder format, not to be mistaken for antioxidants compound in softgel, capsule, drink, tablets, pill, liquid, drop, chewable, caps, tincture, and gummies.

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Long-term damage by free radical attack is the cause of premature aging and problems relating to poor circulation. The body needs powerful antioxidants such as OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) to protect it against these health effects!

LABO SUPER OPCs is a high strength 150mg antioxidant formula designed and certified to provide maximum protection for body cells. A powerhouse of three premium authentic French OPCs, it combines the best of OPCs to deliver exceptional health benefits throughout the body.

Free radicals cause oxidative damage to proteins, molecules and genes within the body; leading to aging, heart problems and brain disorders.

The secret to the unrivalled antioxidant protection of SUPER OPCs lies in the unique concoction of premium OPCs from France that delivers exceptional health benefits.

French Grape Seed Extract -Sought after for its healing effects on skin and eye conditions.French Maritime Pine Bark Extract -Contain potent OPCs content in short oligomers of catechin and epicatechin.French Red Wine Extract -The secret to good heart health and longevity among the French.Bilberry Extract -Supports healthy vision and eyes capillaries; healthy inflammatory response and lipid profile.Citrus Bioflavonoids Extract & Vitamin C -Bioflavonoids help preserve the collagen structure and are essential for proper absorption and utilization of Vitamin C.

Healthy Blood Vessels

Super OPCs support healthy blood circulation by helping the body maintain strong, supple and flexible blood vessels. It also helps reduce lipid deposition in the artery wall by deactivating free radicals.

Healthy Blood Lipid Levels

The potent free radical scavenging activity of Super OPCs support the reduction of oxidation and build-up of LDL cholesterol in the artery walls.

Circulatory Health

Veins are blood vessels which transport blood back to the heart. Poor venous flow in legs leads to symptoms such as leg cramp, swelling, numbness and abnormal fluid accumulation. Super OPCs help improve vascular strength and circulatory efficiency.

Support Heart Health

Super OPCs provide nutritional support for the maintenance of healthy heart. It also helps support healthy arteries and veins in the heart to support healthy blood flow.

Cellular Antioxidant Protection

French Maritime Pine Bark, Grape Seed and Red Wine Extracts in SUPER OPCs possess unsurpassed antioxidant properties, working in synergy to protect our body cells against free radical damage.


OPCs function as a potent antioxidant to protect the skin from premature aging. It preserves the collagen and elastin structures and also enhances its ability for self repair and renewal. Enhancing microcirculation improves skin for a rosy complexion.


OPCs maintain healthy level of collagen and elastin, two critical proteins in connective tissues that support joints, muscle and blood vessels. It is also beneficial for healthy inflammation response in the joints.


OPCs protect the airways from free radical damage and supports healthy inflammation response in the respiratory system.

Positive CAP-e test has confirmed that the antioxidants in SUPER OPCs provide effective and comprehensive antioxidant protection. It can inhibit more than 50% oxidative damage (IC50 = effectiveness marker) in various environments (water and non-water solvent).

SUPER OPCs is also developed with an isotonic delivery system to enable quick delivery and high bioavailability. As compared to OPC tablets which takes 40mins to get absorbed, Super OPCs can get absorbed by the body within 5 minutes. Minimal digestion is required and mixing it into a drink makes it safe and easy for those who face difficulty swallowing pills.

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